Best Costa Rica Destinations

Exotic Costa Rica travel destinations are just what you need to have a wonderful and heart-soothing vacation. It is located in Central America and one of the best places for outstanding natural beauty, stunning beach life, affordable living, pleasant weather, and unique local experience.

So what are the destinations you should visit in Costa Rica? To make your Costa Rica vacation planning a bit easier, we want to introduce the top destinations in Costa Rica that you must not miss during your visit to this wonder-filled country.

For a seamless experience when visiting Costa Rica, we at Gekkotravels ensure that your vacation itinerary is adequately planned. Our itineraries are designed so that you do not miss any site seeing and explore Costa Rica to the fullest.

Arenal/ La Fortuna

Arenal is one of few locations where active volcanoes are located. The place has attracted a huge number of tourists throughout the years due to these volcanic activities. Also, the area surrounding this beautiful volcano landscape is covered with wildlife and flora and fauna. The cone-shaped volcanic mountain is a sure shot treat to the eyes and the lava trails around the place is splendid.

Close to this beautiful landscape is the La Fortuna Waterfall. This waterfall is located inside a rainforest and is just 6 miles from Arenal. If you want to hike from the volcanic mountain to this beautiful waterfall, then it will only take an hour to reach. You need to pay a small entrance fee and then enjoy the beautiful stream and the small rapids below the waterfall. Overall, this place is a treat for nature lovers.


Here is the ultimate destination for bird lovers. Besides, the place is filled with excellent tree canopies, sky bridges, and many wild animals. You would get to walk through the habitat of birds and animals and experience the wonder of nature.

Manuel Antonio:

Costa Rica is a wonderful country with a lot to give, despite the fact that it is a small country in size. Manuel Antonio is one of its gems that you must visit. Awe-inspiring flora and fauna can be found in the National Park, as well as one of the world's most stunning beaches.

The area has a distinct atmosphere and a wide range of events, ensuring that everybody can find what they are searching for. You've come to the right place with your family, couple, or friends, eco-tourists looking for fun experiences, or just to relax. Allow us to plan your dream holiday and enjoy your time in this tropical paradise!

Puerto Viejo

Costa Rica is all not about beach experiences. Puerto Viejo is an excellent place for a calming and good aura with the Caribbean zephyr. Surfing and beach parties are common there. It takes you closer to the enormity and serenity of nature, giving you a completely distinct, alleviating beach vibe.


Tortuguero is one of the rarest and best travel destinations in Costa Rica. Not many people go there but visiting the place is worth it. Go for a boat ride on the canals, observe the wildlife, listen to the sounds of animals, chirping birds, walk through the national park, and enjoy a soul experience in the forest and water bodies of the area.  

Conchal Beach

We are back to the beaches again! Yes, Costa Rica is full of diverse beaches, and Conchal is one of them with clear green and blue-tinted water. It is an excellent place for family vacations, beach games, and if you are looking for a luxurious vacation, the 5-star hotels are there to welcome you. Enjoy the local food, shop from locals, and have a refreshing holiday.

Rincon De La Vieja

Without the countryside experience in Rincon De La Vieja, your Costa Rica visit would be incomplete. This place portrays the real culture, food, people, and lifestyle of Costa Rica, giving you the authentic flavor of the country. This touch of authenticity makes it one of the best Costa Rica travel destinations.

The 7 best travel destinations in Costa Rica would give an authentic flavor of beach life, countryside culture, wildlife experience, and city life. These 7 places would cover almost everything about Costa Rica.

So, where are you planning to go first?